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Living Meridian Charts - Features

These features apply to all charts and each modality:

  • Accurate location of points and meridians on a live model
    • Traditional Oriental Meridians
    • Most points visible in at least one of the views
    • Most meridians visible from end to end in at least one view
  • Every point located and verified by:
    • measurement (cun/sun)
    • palpation (touch)
    • response (from the patient)
  • Extensively cross-checked and verified against several standard references
  • Full-colour, high-resolution photography using subtle lighting that reveals the body’s surface anatomy and its relation to meridian location
  • All linework coloured according to classical Five Element Theory
  • Labels are entirely enclosed by the body outline – no unsightly and distracting text or symbols around the body
  • Labels conform to the current WHO Standard of Nomenclature

Available as a set of two B1 (1000 × 700mm : 40 × 28 in) sheets as shown above.
Also as individual images printed as life size banners at any size desired (full size is 2000 mm x 1068 mm : 80 in x 42 in)

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